I get a lot of the same questions daily so in an effort to reduce them, you can find them here. It's more convenient for me & you both. If you cant find it here please contact me with any question you may have.

Q: Do I start Before or After Payment?

A: Sorry but I don't start until payment has been made in full, It could take up to 3 to 6 hours to do an order due to the fact that I put together and take apart many times before I'm liking it. I do everything in the order its ordered. If your ordering a website and making payments I will not start until after full payment is made.

Q: How often do you so sales/ discounts?

A: If I have a sale going on at the moment, I will let you know when your order. My prices are already low so most of the time discounts aren't given unless order is over 75 dollars.

Q: What is your wait time?

A: My turnaround time is post on the"turnaround time" page of my website. I will let you know if that time has changed when you order. When I give a wait time I don't count the weekend/ holidays as we are closed. The wait time is when I will be able to start once I start it will take up to 4 hours depending on items ordered and your approval time. If I have to wait on you. You will be passed until you answer back and I'm done with the order being worked on at the time.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: I accept paypal includes (Master Card, Visa, American Express), Via Cashapp (send to $michellesarge82). If paying with E-Check on paypal it will take 7 days to clear and reach my account and wont be marked as paid until then. I do NOT accept mail in payments at this time.

Q: What if I don't like it or if its not what I expected?

A: We will send you a preview of your design to be approved, if you disapprove of the design we will fix  it until you are happy with it.  but I don't give refunds which is stated when your reading my terms which you agreed on when you submitted order with CMD. Please note once we email your final design and you would like an edit later on there will be fees to do so.

Q: Do you accept exchanges? (trades)

A: I will consider it, But I cant promise you because when it comes to boutiques I don't have children so I have no need for any of it but like I said I will consider it as I do have nieces and nephews. But will not be for full amount.

Q: Do I keep customers files?

A: I do not keep files when I send files to your email I note to please keep I have tons of emails/ messages going out and I have to delete them from time to time. So please make a folder in your email from me and save all work. Once I email I will no longer have access to your files. Its your responsibility to hold onto your designs.

Q: Do you issue refunds ? 

A: Due to the nature of orders we DO NOT offer refunds.

Q: I need a website, What do I need to do?

A: Setting up an online boutique with one of our templates requires three things:

Step 1: Register your domain name- you can register a domain through your chosen hosting provider or at site like Godaddy.com

Step 2: Sign up with an approved web host- The approved hosts provided the web hosting and shopping cart system. These systems enable you to add your content and manage your products, categories, ect. on your own.

Step 3: Order your design- This is what makes it look pretty! If you already have hosting set up or will be having us set it all up for you, start shopping. 

Q: How do I book my custom order?

A: Projects are booked on a first come, first serve basis. If you're ready to move forward and reserve a spot on our schedule, Full payment is collected. When we start your project, we will send you an email letting you know its in progress. We recommend you first view our web design pricing and than contact us if you would like to get started.

Q: If I order a web design will I be able to update on my own site?

A: You do not need to know HTML or buy any special software to do he basic operations of your site, (I.e adding/ editing products, managing orders, ect.) I do also offer these services for uploading ect. message me for pricing.

Q: Will there be other fees after the design is done?

A: The ongoing fees you will have in general for your web hosting. Those fees vary depending on which cart and web host you have chosen. And will be paid to the company of your choosing.

Q: Do you only do designs for children's or women's websites?

A: Nope! Most of out clients come from word of mouth or referrals from sites we have designed. Clients find us through sites they like and have an interest in, and are similar to what they would like for their own site. We can design for any style your wanting.

Q: Can I modify a design?

A: Love this design but want to teak it to fit your vision? Possible modification include but are not limited to background image/ color changes, addition of graphics you supply, and layout modification. Customizing will be quoted on an individualized basis, depending on requested changes. changes.

Q: Can you be reached by telephone?

A: We are a small company and field hundred of inquiries each month which makes it virtually impossible to offer telephone support, We will be happy to answer all questions and requests via the contact link, and will do so within one to two business days. If you have questions pertaining to the site builder/ shopping cart or web hosting, you may contact the web host directly for more information.

Q: I have my own logo. Can you add it to one of your designs?

A: We would be happy to add your logo to your designs and work around them! If its for a pre-made website small fee may be needed to use your our logo. However, a few file requirements must be met.

Q: Can the color and/ or font be changes in one of your pre-made designs?

A: We are happy to do an overall color change to most of our design for an additional fee in some cases I can include it in the purchase fee.

Q: what if I need customizations or revisions at a later date? Is that included with my purchase?

A: After your template has been installed or files have been sent, request for revisions will be subject to additional fees. to receive a quote for customizations you may submit a request via the contact link. with all of the details about exactly what you would like to change and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

Q: Do you add my categories , products and content if I order a website design?

A: Your web template purchase does not include the addition of categories, products, photo and text. This is something that you will need to do, or purchase product entry from us. Each of the web hosting providers we work with provide an excellent set of tutorials and friendly customer support to assist you in the process.

Q: Can you provide the layered .psd files for the template I purchased?

A: Cherished Memories Designs does not release the .psd or any other layered files.

Q: OMG! I don't know what I did but I messed up my template!

A: Our web templates are installed internally and are not pasted into the template page as some template designers do. If you attempt to edit the code on the template page, you may have knocked the template structure off. Simply find the name of your template, select it and click apply. If that does not reset the template, fee free to contact us and we will try to help you determine what went wrong. Fees may apply..

Q: I already have an account set up with one of your web hosting providers, If I order a template from you will I have to start over adding my content again ? 

A: The web template is basically the design framework for the site builder / shopping cart that web host has installed for you and your content is added to the software itself, not to the web template, You can change the template anytime and your content will not be disturbed.

Q: What is a "keyword"?

A: It is a word or phase that is typed into a search engine or directory that describes what the reader will see on your site. Since, according to yahoo statistics, 80% of all searches are multiple word searches, the best keywords consist of multiple words and phrases.

Q: What are Meta titles & descriptions?

A: Through meta descriptions tags are not a major factor search engines consider when ranking sites, they should not be left off the page. Both the meta keywords tag and the meta description tag contribute to your search engine ranking. A meta description tag is supposed to be a brief and concise summary of your page's content. Think of the yahoo! or google directory. You see your site title followed by a brief description of your site or business. The meta description tag is designed to provide a brief description of your site which can be used by search engines or directories.

Q: How do I promote and market my new web site?

A: It is important to treat your web site as your retail store on-line. It needs marketing, promotion and TLC. There are many resources available to you suck as Google Base (aka Froogle). You can register for a new google account and then take advantage of their many FREE programs. Google also offers a nifty pay-per-click service called Adwords.

Please keep in mind..there are trillion of web sites out there-- competition is fierce! not its time to think of creative ways to get your site found. Suggestions: Submit site maps, Create blogs, email marketing express, link/banner exchange, top site participation, google adwords, ebay, flyers, magazine ds, e-zine and this, titter, facebook participation

Your new site has been built and programmed with all the tools you need to be successful.