Some of the most common questions I get are in regards to the info I need to install your template. Here is a breakdown of what I need to process most orders:


Business Name for Header

You need to enter your business name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your template so be careful of spelling punctuation ect. If you are using a customer provided logo you must purchase and send requested files.

Optional Tagline/ Slogan for Header

This is completely optional! Again, Please enter tagline/slogan exactly as you want to appear. Be careful of spelling, punctuation, ect.

If you have any specifics such as needing your business name to be in all uppercase letters or lowercase letters, ect. Please enter it that way in the appropriate field or make note of it on your order.

Store Admin Link/ Username/ Password 

This info is provided to you by your web host. When your web host sets up your hosting account, an email (or two) will be sent to you with all login details pertaining to your site. You can enter the info into appropriate fields or you can email/ forward the info to me after your purchase. It is very important to copy and paste this into right from the email sent to you by your host. Most passwords are case sensitive sometimes and includes numbers, letters and special characters.

I CANNOT install a template without the store admin and cpanel login info.

Social Networking Links

If your template shows social networking icons then they are included with you template purchase. Please be sure to include the links with your order (or email them to me after your order) as you cannot add the links in yourself afterwards. If you want one or more removed, please make note of that on your order. If you want to exchange the icons for different ones. no problem! There is no additional charge for this.

Collage for front page

If your template comes with collage I will need how ever many pics appear in collage and if links appear I will need those to. Any links can renamed and must be requested before install of template. Email me all photos and link to . It helps if photos are facing the same way the ones in preview appear it wont turn out right if you don't. If you need more time to get the photos together please contact is letting us know.


If your template comes with extras/ your purchased them please send info when you email over photos/links.