Access to, and use of, Cherished Memories Designs template/ graphic work constitutes acceptance of the following term and conditions. Cherished Memories Designs may update or change these terms at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to revisit the terms periodically, as the user is bound by the terms listed on this page. 

I Cherished Memories is not legally responsible when a customer asks for a design that happens to be similar to someone else's design, whether it has been seen or not. Please do NOT send me a sample preview of someone else's work. I can not be held at all responsible for seeing the other person's web site and/ or work. Most times customers will send me their ideas, we create the design, and then I find that it was similar in some ways to someone else's design. This not something that I am or will be responsible for. This responsibility falls on the customer to understand that they can not request a design that is so closely to another they have seen on the web, especially one not made by Cherished Memories. When getting your designs from me you agree that you may not change or alter images/ coding at all without permission from me. I wrote/ own all my codes if you choose the change anything I'm not saying you can't I'm just saying find your own coding to do so please. I can tell its mine or not. 

The customer, upon purchasing, agrees to release Cherished Memories from any fault due to customer requests. To understand better what is to "close" to another designers or web owner's site, the web site has to about 50% different than someone else's designs. However, you may request elements that someone else has used because as far as I know crown, any backgrounds, chandeliers. shapes, bows were not created by any web designer. Those were all thing that came along way before the web designing. So you may request these things in your design.

The Copyright and all other rights to the template, graphics, and coding remains with Cherished Memories Designs.

We require that the Cherished Memories Designs copyright/ credit and link back to our site remain in the template . This may not be altered or removed. Doing so we go against these terms and your template will be tooken down.


Cherished Memories Designs offers free technical support for purchase of premade/ custom templates for the life of the template. 

Free support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Answering general questions regarding the template 

Free support does not include, and may require an additional fee:

  • Troubleshooting problems caused by editing , changing or dding additional features to the template 
  • Adding social media or other links and/or code to the template 
  • Adding customized graphics- button, navigation headers, page headers, paypal logos news letters code...ect


Custom, Maintenance, Made to Match, and Design quotes are valid for up to 14 days from the date the quote is emailed to you. Due to fluctuation in processes and business cost, we can not guarantee pricing outside of the time frame. 


Pre-made designs do not come with proofs, we customize and install your pre-made designs into your approved hosting account. Please contact us with any questions you may have prior to making your purchase. All custom designs will have a max of 2 rounds of revisions included in the price we quote to you. You will receive a first draft proof and up to 1 to 2 additional revisions. If additional revisions outside of this are required, you will be billed at the rate of $10 to $40 per revision per item.


Template are only uploaded and installed once, If you move domains ect then you would need to pay the fee to move our template design to the new hosting (I will only move if its a compatible hosting) Your products will have to be redone you can't transfer those over.

When buying your template from me you agree that you may not change or alter images/ coding at all without permission from me. I own all my codes if you choose to change/ alter anything I will ask you to take the template down or change back. 


Cherished Memories Designs reserve the right to use your completed design and any additional graphics created for you design in our Portfolio as a representation of our past work experience. 


All sales a final! Due to the digital nature of our product and services we DO NOT EXTEND MONEY BACK REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES once an item is purchased. when you purchase an item through our website/ fb page you are agreeing to abide by our terms. If you have a layaway plan I will not work on website until 100% of website cost is paid off . Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchase...Once you make your purchase the sale is final and no refunds will be issued so I ask that you please choose carefully before making your purchase, as I do not ever give refunds if you simply change your mind or decide your not wanting me to design for you anymore. We may from time to time offer a store credit voucher that can be used to purchased other items in our store, if special circumstances arise and you can not complete your order. These will be approved manually on a case to case basis to determine if that issue and circumstance qualifies for store credit. If you need to put your project on hold for a length of time we may issue store credit for use at a later date or I can hold whatever services you ordered until your ready.

Once you have received your proof via email, all images are final! If you need to change them there will be a fee. You CAN NOT copyright my work without PERMISSION!